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Welcome to The Dingle News – the Dingle Peninsula's dedicated online newspaper. The Dingle News strives to offer a unique insight into the culture and rich heritage of this world-famous Peninsula in the south-west of Ireland, a place which tripadvisor.com rated in its Top 20 'places in the world to visit'. Here you will find news, events, visitor information, business and services information and much more. We hope you enjoy it and welcome all feedback at news@dinglenews.com

The Dingle Peninsula,"the most beautiful place on Earth" - National Geographic

Pictured: Dingle on New Year's Eve (image: Niamh Holden)

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New Year's Eve in Dingle

Dingle Business Chamber host a thrilling display of Fireworks at the Marina every New Year's Eve followed by a street festival with the Dingle Fife & Drum Band and a live digital countdown at the Mall Bridge at midnight


Winter Solstice, Dingle, Ireland. Filmed by Ciara McKenna.

Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

For more on Dingle's most famous resident dingledolphin.com

Featured Photo

View from the Stonehouse Restaurant on the Slea Head Drive
View from the Stonehouse Restaurant on the Slea Head Drive

Your Views

Submit your letters, comments and views to The Dingle News at: editor@dinglenews.com.

All submissions must accompanied by a valid e-mail address. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

Please note that this is a public forum; The Dingle News does not support or personally advocate any views expressed herein. The Dingle News retains the right of refusal and the right to moderate comments and submissions.


Your letters

Swansea Ferry; a delightful way to travel to Dingle (26 May 2010)
A Chara, "I recently travelled back to Dingle bringing with me my elderly mother (93). We travelled from Swansea to Cork using the new ferry M.V.Julia, and what a great experience it was. The new ferry has excellent facilities on board including an "a la carte restaurant" which was a marvellous 3 course meal @e35 a head. The cabins were spotlessly clean as was the rest of the ferry, staff could not have been more helpful assisting my mother right to the door of her cabin. Add to this the price of travel, which was cheaper than hiring a car for a week,the money we saved on flights more than paid for all my fuel. It was a great way to come home and it will not be too many weeks before I do it again. Just to add we stayed in town at the Dingle Bay Hotel and again were treated like family members. Thanks to all." Regards,     Norman Stuart   
Support for local family following savage attack on family dog (25 May 2010)
To the editor, Will you please on my behalf pass on my thought & prayers to that lady on "Liveline" whose dog was savagely attacked (in the West Kerry area). Such a horrific thing for her & her children to come home to...I wish her every best wish as to where she now moves to...but will say to the people left it could be your problem tomorrow, while this dog attacker maniac is still on the loose. Greeting to your paper & your website is very attractive & well done. Cheers. Thank you, V. Gerrard           
Re: Visit to Dingle in the 1990s (23 April 2010)

Dear Dingle News,

I just saw your website and I love it.

An adult daughter and two small children and I, from the U.S., visited Dingle for several days back in about 1995 and had a perfectly lovely time. On the final day we found we were late for the bus waiting outside to pick us up. We were not quite ready and had to pack fast and race out the door of our B & B. On the final sweep through the room, a drawer pushed closed vibrated a mirror propped up on the dresser. The mirror fell to the floor and broke into an instant mosaic!! Short of time, we continued our race to the bus, leaving the mess for the poor B & B owner.

Through the years this event has bothered me. I cannot remember where we stayed (I remember running down a hill to the bus) but I have it on my heart to apologize. When I heard of The Dingle News I decided this was my chance. If there is a B & B owner out there who remembers those awful people who broke the mirror and said nothing, it was I. I am heartily sorry and do hope your inconvenience was not too great. Thank you again for housing us!!

Seattle, Washington

Return of Swansea Ferry to improve visitor numbers? (16 October 2009)

Dear Dingle News,

I see from your report on www.dinglenews.com that visitor numbers were down again this year.
I believe there has been a steady decline since the swansea/cork ferry stopped running in 2006. Well the new ferry, the Julia, will be starting up again on the 1st of  March 2010. So we will be able to see if there is any change in the numbers coming to the Kerry/Cork region. To help your readers the new company can be found on www.fastnetline.co.uk where they will soon be taking bookings. The new ferry holds 1860 passengers, 440 cars, 30 trucks and has seven bars, restaurants. with 300 cabins the over night crossings could not be easier.I for one will be on this ferry at least 4 times a year it will be so easy to visit bringing my own car with me.


Norman Stuart.

Speeding in the Wood (09 October 2009)

A Chara,
I live at the The Wood in Dingle, which is residential, and feel that it is time to put pen to paper regarding the constant excessive speeds at which motorists travel past my door throughout the day and well into the night. It is becoming scary and I fear for the safety of myself and my neighbours.
In the past week alone two hubcaps have been deposited on the footpath outside my door by drivers who have come too close at very fast speeds. I have let the Gardaí know in the past about the growing dangerous situation.
I inquire now from you about the possibility of getting ramps installed in the street and /or the procedure for getting such action in motion. I will have no problem following this letter with a petition from my neighbours if that is necessary. 


John J O'Connor
No. 122 The Wood,

Congratulations! (31 July 2009)

Dear Dingle News,

Congratulations to all on a truly magnificent publication. Having been a frequent visitor to the west for nearly 40 years I dearly like to keep up to date with all the news and goings on. Families no longer write and it is hard to keep up with short text messages. But now I can log on and find out what's happening and where, and often it's me informing family back west of when something of interest is coming to town. So keep up the good work and I will be back soon.
Norman Stuart (UK)
P.S. Hi to all the Moriarty's(Ballinloughig) and all in Danno's Bar
'We appreciate your paper here in the States' (30 July 2009)

Just a note to let you know that we appreciate your paper here in the States. We will be visiting Dingle in August and we are using it to plan some of our activities.

Keep up the good work!
William Czyk


'Well done..' (26 July 2009)

Dear Marian,

Well done - Lovely site. I will be on it regularly.

Slán go fóill,

Tom Lynch

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